Honestly, skincare is my favorite topic.

I’m so excited to share with you all the ways that you can up your skincare routine by making simple, natural switches.

But before we jump straight into the routine let me preface some things. Your skin is a window for what’s going on inside your body. When something isn’t at balance¬†on the inside, it’s going to show on the outside. I’m talkin’ acne, discoloration, lackluster skin.


Diet and hormones have a massive impact on the health and appearance of your skin. That’s why I want to say that the number one must-do for having healthy skin is a healthy diet. A well-balanced diet of whole foods and vitamins support all of the systems in your body so that they can function well.

The system that is most affected by diet in regards to skin appearance is the endocrine system. Most breakouts are usually hormonal breakouts or from eating foods that your body doesn’t like. For example, my number one anti-clear skin ingredient is sugar. Any time I eat something sugar heavy (ice cream, donuts, etc) I 99% guarantee I will break out across my chin the following day.

All of that to say, having a well-rounded diet and working out is my number one tip for clear skin. It’s how I cleared up my skin completely and continue to keep it clear.

Now, there are products I use and routines that I follow to give my skin an extra bit of oomph and sparkle. ūüėČ

nontoxic skincare products natural

Apple Cider Vinegar Water

The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a huge glass of ACV water. It has changed the texture and overall appearance of my skin within a matter of weeks. Since starting it three months ago I have had maybe two pimples. My skin seriously glows. You can find all the info in my post about it. But if you’re like I used to be and cant stomach the taste/smell of ACV then having a big glass of water first thing with some lemon can be a good alternative.

Another skin care must is using clean, non-toxic products.

I don’t ever want to call anything a “miracle product” because I don’t believe in those. I do think there are certain things we can use on our skin at a certain point that is a game changer but it’s not a one size fits all kind of thing. All of my recommendations are just that, recommendations.¬† They may or may not work for you.

That being said, I do believe in all of the products I’m about to talk about. They are all non-toxic, naturally sourced, and ethically made. If you are wanting to switch over to a non-toxic skincare routine this is a great place to start!


Lately, I’ve been using Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser. I know, this stuff is stupid expensive. I would never buy it for myself but it was sent to me so it’s what I’ve been using every night. I do love it but¬†I don’t think you have to spend a fortune on a great, non-toxic cleanser. That being said, I’m going to add a few more cleansers that I have used in the past and love. I normally only use a cleanser at night so this definitely isn’t something I’d want to spend a ton of money on.

Ocean Cleanser  (still somewhat expensive but I love this stuff and half the price of Tata Harper!)

Acure Brilliantly Brightening Cleansing Gel¬†This stuff is $8 and it makes a difference Y’all.


This is how I “wash” my face in the morning. I choose not to use a cleanser in the morning because I don’t want to strip all the natural oils from my face. This gets it prepped for applying makeup but isn’t as “harsh” on the skin as soap.

Rose Water Toner

Sea Minerals Mist

Spot Treatment

My homemade Lavender Rollerball is my favorite spot treatment I’ve used to date. It makes my spots disappear overnight. It’s super simple to make and cheaper than what you could find in the drugstore!

Face Oil

Face oil is my favorite part of my skincare routine. I apply it at night before going to bed and on weekend mornings before heading out to the beach. Vitamin E Oil will always be my #1 face oil. It smells like a cookie and I would eat it if I could. It is naturally anti-aging, packed with anti-oxidants, and protects from sun damage!

Sometimes I like to switch it up. When I do, I love¬†Cocokind Serum Facial Repair. It is thiccckkk. If you’re in need of some serious hydration, that’s what you need. This stuff is great for using on sunburnt or irritated skin.


Moisturizer is the only thing I think that’s worth spending money on. A huge lie that people believe about skincare is that moisturizing will only make their face oilier and make them break out. I am here to say THAT IS NOT TRUE. If anything, moisturizer will make your skin stop thinking it needs to overproduce oil to keep hydrated.

If using moisturizer hasn’t worked for you in the past, I encourage you to use a different, non-toxic brand. Finding the right moisturizer for your skin is going to make all the difference. It might take a while, but don’t get discouraged! You’ll figure it out.

If you don’t know where to start, I suggest trying Osea’s¬†Atmosphere Protection Cream.¬†It has done wonders to my skin. It’s very lightweight and keeps it hydrated all day long. For that reason, it’s great to wear under makeup as a primer!

Face Mask

Who doesn’t love a good facemask? After a really long day, I love coming home and whipping up my favorite homemade Brightening Mask. (You can get the recipe in my facemask FREE ebook)

I also have a few store-bought favs too:

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask 

Indian Healing Clay Mask


I try to make sure that I exfoliate one to two times a week. I have a pretty neutral skin type and adding this step always gives it an extra bit of love. Plus it feels so good.

nontoxic skincare products natural

What are some of your favorite non-toxic skincare products or routines? I’d love to hear ’em! Leave them in the comments below or reach out on Instagram.

xx, Harley


Non-toxic skincare routine

Are your mainstream skincare brands just not cutting it for you anymore? Me either! I officially made the switch to all non-toxic products and it has changed my life for the better. I no longer experience breakouts, uneven skin texture, or discoloration. Let me bring you through my entire routine with all my favorite products. #nontoxic #natural #naturalliving #orangic #skincare #clean #cleanskincare #cleanproducts #youngliving #oils #faceoils #moisturizer #cleanser