Detox bath sea salt

I have a confession to make

I have been having a really hard time being intentional about self-care. I have a million excuses why, and most are good reasons to skip self-care: spending extra time with family, putting in some extra hours at work, and making friendships a priority in this super busy season. But I have let self-care slip. I’m not saying I regret the way I’ve spent my time in any way because I don’t. I don’t have a single bit of remorse or guilt for indulging in some Fritos on 4th of July or not shaving my legs for more than a week, and going some nights where it was all I could do to get undressed from the day, much less brush my teeth before bed.

I do value self-care. I think it is an important thing to pay attention to. But I also think there is a fine line between valuing self-care and being consumed by it.

It’s no secret that self-care is a big, huge fad right now. In our self-serving, “treat yourself” culture, it has become a staple for all the “balanced lifestyle” junkies. If you’ve read my self-care checklist you’ll notice that it doesn’t look like most peoples. Most of the ideas on the list are other-people oriented; even if they don’t seem so.  For example, number 2 is “Go for a walk.” Walks get you out of your own little sphere of isolation and puts you into other peoples world. It serves a self-purpose (exercise and brain health) plus it puts you in the way of interacting with the people in your community.

I think the best kind of self-care happens when we realize that we were designed to be in community with other people. I have found that I feel my absolute best when I get to serve other people. It fills up a place in our souls that will always be better than spending even more time with ourselves than we already do.

But, there are times when you do need to practice some more you-focused things too. It’s all about balance! Yesterday was one of those times for me. After a long, mentally exhausting day, I just needed to take a restorative bath.

So, I got out my favorite homemade bath mix and took a long soak. After, I knew I had to share it with you!


Bath Soak Ingredients:


  1. Mix Salts into a big storage jar.
  2. Take 1-2 cups out of your jar and put in a bowl. Add in 5 drops of your desired essential oils with 2 teaspoons of a carrier oil. Note: Not all essential oils are safe to use in a bath. Please make sure you know which ones to use and follow these directions so adverse reactions don’t occur.
  3. Stir it all up and let it sit while you draw your bath.
  4. Make the water as hot as you can stand it.
  5. Add in the salts and soak!

Tip: You could go ahead and make the mixture of essential oils and salt ahead but it will only last a few weeks. That’s why I like to just make it beforehand.

xx, Harley